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In Hostal Romerito we have the commitment to protect the personal details of our contacts and guests. We are aware of our responsibility to use personal data in the right way.
Obeying Law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, about information services and electronic commerce, we state that:
Our registered name is HOSTAL ROMERITO. S.L
Our Company Tax Code: B 93468361
Our registered address is : Calle Espacio 50 C.P. 29006 Los Prados, Malaga, Spain


The present General Conditions regulate the use (including just accessing) of the web pages that are part of the Hostal Romerito website, including the contents and services they contain.

Any person that accesses the Hostal Romerito site (ìUserî) is accepting the General Conditions applicable at the time.
The present legal warning (from now on it will be called ìLegal Warningî) regulates the use of the website: Hostal Romerito.
Those who access and/or use this website become Users, and from that moment, they completely accept with no reservations, the present Legal Warning, as well as the particular conditions regarding certain services and contents from the website that, in that case, complement it.

Users get informed, and accept, that the access to the present website does not mean in any case that there is a commercial relationship between them and Hostal Romerito. This way, Users commit to use the website, its services and contents in good faith without breaking the current legislation or public order. It is forbidden to use this website for illegal or harmful purposes, or for purposes that can cause damage or alter the running of this website. Regarding the contents of this site, it is forbidden:

To reproduce them, distribute them or modify them totally or partially, unless the legitimate owners authorise it. To violate any of the rights the provider or legitimate owners have. To use them for commercial or advertising purposes.
All products and services advertised on the website lead to forms and contact forms where users can register or place a booking. This website always asks for consent before getting any personal details from users. Users have the right to deny consent at any time.

Your information is protected according to our privacy and cookies policies.

Your information is protected according to our privacy policy.

Those who access and/or use this website become Users, and from that moment, they completely accept with no reservations, the present Legal Warning regarding services and contents from the site.

By using the website of Hostal Romerito Users commit not to damage the image, interests or rights of Hostal Romerito or of a third party, as well as committing not to damage, disable, overload or do something that would not allow others to use the Hostal Romerito website.

Hostal Romerito takes the appropriate security measures to detect viruses. Nevertheless, Users have to be aware that security measures of computer systems on the Internet are not necessarily reliable and therefore there is no guarantee about the presence or not of viruses or other elements able to produce alterations in the computer systems of Users (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents or files in them stored.

By these General Conditions no intellectual or industrial property rights of the website or any of its parts are transferred. Users, by any mean or procedure, are forbidden to reproduce, transform, distribute, share, extract information, reuse, resend or use it, unless it is legally allowed or authorised by the owner of the rights.

Users know and accept the totality of the website, meaning texts, images, designs, software, contents (including structure, selection, order and presentation of these), audio-visual material and graphics. This is protected by brands, copyrights and other legitimate registered rights, in accordance to the international treaties in which Spain is involved and other property rights and Spanish laws.

In the case a User or a third party consider a violation of the legitimate rights of their intellectual property has occurred due to the content of the website, they should notify this to Hostal Romerito and:

Indicate their personal details if their rights have presumably been violated, or in the case the person who gets in touch is a third party, they should indicate what kind of connection there is between them and the person they act on behalf of.
Indicate the contents protected by the intellectual property rights and where they are located on the website, proof the ownership of the mentioned intellectual property rights and declare that they get full responsibility of the authenticity of the information provided in the notification.
The user commits to use the website and their accessible services and to respect the law and the present legal warning.

Additionally they also commit, unless authorised previously in writing by Hostal Romerito, to use the information contained on the website, exclusively for informative purposes. They will not be allowed to misuse directly or indirectly its contents for commercial purposes.

Unless Hostal Romerito authorises it specifically in writing, it is totally forbidden to reproduce, unless it is for private use, to transform, and to misuse, by any mean, the totality or parts of the contents contained on this website.
Without the previous consent of Hostal Romerito, it is totally forbidden to manipulate or do some kind of alteration on this website. Consequently, Hostal Romerito will not take responsibility of this alteration or any alteration done by a third party.
The provider does not guarantee or is responsible, in any case, of the harm and detriment of any nature caused by:
Lack of availability, maintenance or effective running of the website, its services and contents; The existence of a virus or malware; The illicit, negligent or fraudulent use of this website; including any use that goes against this Legal Warning;
The lack of lawfulness, quality, reliability, usefulness and availability of the services offered by a third party and at the disposal of the Users of this website.

The provider is not responsible of the damages caused by the illegal and inappropriate use of this website.

European online litigation Platform
The European Commission provides a Platform for the resolution of online ligations, available on the following link: Consumers can claim through the platform the resolution of online litigations.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
The Relationship between Hostal Romerito and the Users of its online services, present on this website, is subject to the Spanish law and Legislation.

We will always be contactable: Contact us
In the case that any User would have any doubt about this Legal Conditions or would like to leave any comment on the website of Hostal Romerito, please send us an e-mail to: or fill in the contact form available on the website.

Our privacy policy describes how we get, store and use the information we obtain through the different services and pages available on this site. It is important you are aware of the information we get and how we use it as the access to this site means the acceptance of our privacy policy.


Record of personal data
The purpose of this statement is to inform Users about the General Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy taken by Hotal Romerito.

This Privacy Policy could change subject to law or self-regulation requirements, so we recommend our users to check it out regularly. This will be applicable in case Users decide to fill in any of the forms available on the website in which personal details are required.

Providing personal data is necessary to be contactable and to do a commercial deal with Hostal Romerito.
Failure to provide personal data or not accepting the present privacy policy prevents processing requests on our website.

Use and process of Users data
Hostal Romerito is totally aware of how to use and process the personal data requested and provided by the users of their web pages when these submit a request. Hostal Romerito will never use this information for a different purpose or share Users data with a third party.

Visiting our website
When you visit our web pages Internet servers will automatically store your IP address on access logs with the only purpose of allowing you to surf the Internet. It is then necessary that your equipment provides an IP so the communication can get established. Your IP address will also get used for statistical purposes to know the number visitors of this website and their location.

Acceptance and agreement
Users state having been informed of the conditions about personal data protection, accepting and agreeing the use of these by Hostal Romerito, for the purposes indicated in the present Privacy Policy.


Current legislation LSSI ( Ley de la Sociedad de la informaciÛn y el Comercio electrÛnico – Spanish Law about Information Society and e-commerce) makes us as owners of Hostal Romerito responsible to inform about the cookies that get downloaded when accessing this website, especially about the cookies from a third party. Though it is not possible to do it in a strict way (as most of them depend exclusively on services as Google) at least this website will try to specify the most common ones.
Users who wish not to receive cookies or who wish to be informed before those are stored in their computer or device will have to update their browser settings.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a harmless file that gets downloaded on the computer when accessing certain websites. Cookies, among other things, let websites store and recover information about the net surfing habits of a User or device, depending on the information they contain and the way they use the device.
There are cookies that get information related to the number of web pages visited, the city linked to the IP address from which you are accessing, the number of new Users, the frequency of the visits, the time spend on the site, the browser, the operator or the kind of device used to access.

What kind of cookies are used on this web page?
When you access the website of Hostal Romerito we inform you that if you continue surfing our website certain own cookies and third parties cookies related to web analytics (i.e: Google Analytics or similar tools) will get installed to help the website analyse how Users use the website and how to improve its usability. These cookies in no case get associated to data able to identify Users. The data stored is only technical like personal preferences, personalisation of contents, etc. The web server does not get associated to you as a person, it does get associated to your web browser.
Below, in the compliance of what is stablished in article 22.2 of the LSSI we specify the cookies that get normally installed when surfing this website.

This website uses own and third parties cookies to make you have a better experience when surfing, to allow you to share content on social networks and to get statistics from our users.

As User, you can reject the use of data or information by blocking these cookies in the configuration section of your browser. However, if you do it, this site might not work properly.

It is important to read the present cookies policy and to understand that if you continue surfing, we will consider you are accepting the policy. You can change the configuration of your browser to be informed about the reception of cookies on your hard drive or to disable the option of storing cookies on your hard drive.
According to the terms included in article 22.2 of the 34/2002 Law about Information Society and e-commerce, if you continue surfing, you are giving consent to use the identified mechanism.

What kind of cookies are there?
We can distinguish certain types of cookies depending on the entity that manages the data contained and that manages the device or domain from which the cookies are sent:

Own cookies: Are those sent to the Userís device from a device or domain managed by its editor. This device or domain offers the service requested by the user.

Third party cookies: Are those sent to the Userís device from a device or domain not managed by its editor but by another entity that gets data through the cookies.

If cookies are installed from a device or domain managed by its editor but the information they collect is managed by a third party, then they cannot be considered own cookies.

DART Cookie
Google, as associated supplier, uses cookies to publish ads on Hostal Romerito.
You can disable the use of the DART cookie from the Google ad system by accessing Googleís privacy centre.
Browsers also allow Users to check and delete cookies individually.
For more information about Cookies visit: Wikipedia

Third party Cookies
In some cases, we share information about visitors of this website, anonymously or not, with a third party like advertisers, promoters or auditors with the only purpose of improving our services. All these processing tasks are regulated by legal rules and respect all your rights regarding data protection according to current regulations.
This website measures its traffic with various solutions that can use cookies or web beacons to analyse what happens on our web pages. We currently use the following solutions to measure the traffic of this site. You can get more information about the privacy policy of each of the solutions used:
How Google uses the data that gets from websites
Google (Analytics): Privacy Policy of Google Analytics
This website can also contain advertising from us, from affiliates or from advertising networks. This advertising is shown through advertising servers that can also use cookies to show advertising contents Users might find interesting. Each of these advertising servers has its own privacy policy, which can get reviewed on their websites.

Disabling/ Enabling or deleting cookies:
Through the configuration of your browser cookies can get restricted or blocked.
If you do not wish to get cookies installed on your device, you can change the configuration of your browser to get notified beforehand. You can also configure the browser to reject all cookies, or only third party ones. Cookies downloaded on the device can also get deleted. Please understand that you will have to configure all browsers and devices you may use.
Please be aware that if you do not wish to get cookies, we cannot guarantee that our website will work properly. Some of the functions of the site might not be operative and it is possible that you cannot see certain websites. Rejecting cookies does not mean that you will not see adverts. It just means that adverts will not adjust to your likes and that they will get repeated more frequently.

Each browser uses a different method to adapt its configuration. If needed, check the help section of your browser to configure it correctly.

To disable cookies on your mobile phone, please check the device manual to get more information.
You can get more information about cookies online,

Taking into consideration how the Internet and websites work, we not always have information about the cookies third parties send through our website. This is applicable especially when our website contains what is known as integrated elements: texts, documents, images or short films stored somewhere else, but shown on or through our website.
Therefore, if you find on this website any cookie not specified here, please do not hesitate to inform us. You can also contact the third party directly to ask for information about the cookie sent, its purpose, its duration and how your privacy has been guaranteed.

To use this website it is not necessary to install cookies. Users can always not accept them, block them by configuring their browser and even delete them.